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Why Self Defence

  • Ability to Fight back is many times better than experiencing terror and helplessness.
  • Side effects of being the victim of a violent assault can leave permanent mental and physical scars.
  • Ugly reality is that people would turn their heads away rather than come to your aid if you're in trouble (bystander apathy).
  • You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to defend yourself, someone else can't be there to protect you every minute of the day and night.
  • By successfully defending yourself, you prove, to at least one criminal, that NOT all people are easy prey.

  • What can You Do

  • Self Protection is a habit of mind and you can reduce your risks; not eliminate them.
  • The best self-protection against most crimes is prevention.
  • Safety precautions for your home, at work or while traveling are very important.
  • However, sometimes violence can come despite the best possible avoidance measures, and when it does, there is often no opportunity to summon help.
  • If prevention fails, your best chance is to fight back.
  • But you must know HOW to fight back.
  • Fortunately, people who are properly trained/equipped and confident in their ability to protect themselves can do so quite effectively.
  • So, learn how to reduce your risk and also how to "fight back"

  • What are the effects of pepper spray

    Pepper spray, unlike teargas, is not an irritant, it is an inflammatory agent. When a person is sprayed with pepper spray their eyes clamp shut, if they manage to open them they most likely will not see anything because the capillaries in their eyes will be dilated, causing temporary blindness. There may also be an incontrollable fit of coughing which doubles the person over, bringing them down to their knees.

    When exposed to pepper spray the breathing tissues become inflamed rapidly, resulting in breathing difficulties. Although the recipient can breathe enough to stay alive, the experience can be extremely debilitating. Individuals may feel that they are choking and start to panic. Properly trained police officers will tell them to breathe normally.

    Some people can subsequently experience intense headaches for several hours.

    Studies have shown that pepper spray is very effective against people who are drunk, on drugs, or suffering a psychotic episode.

    The majority of studies state that OC pepper spray is completely non toxic, safe and extremely effective. Pepper spray has an inflammatory agent that causes:

  • The eyes to close immediately. Some describe as sensation of the eyes "bubbling and boiling"
  • Temporary blindness
  • Breathing difficulties, but still enough to stay alive
  • Coughing, sometimes violent coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Pain in the eyes
  • The production of tears

  • The effects last from thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on how potent the spray-solution is.