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Pepper Spray Grenades ( Non Explosive )

  • Product COBRA Grenades
    Model Grenades (Non Explosive)
    Spray Pattern Prototypes Ready
    Spray Type Conical Spray From Top
    Spray Range Effective To contaminate a10x10ft Room Onwards, depending on the size
    Content Oleoresin Capsaicin In IPA Medium & Propellant
    Standard Strength (1.5%) Can be increased
    • Approximately 20 Times stronger than the Red Chili Powder used for cooking.

    • Does Not cause any permanent Injury or scarring
    Safety mechanism  
    Net Qty/Wt 55ml/35g ( Larger Size can be made)
    Ideal Use
    • For Hostage Situation Or Small Area Contamination Or where a Straight line of Fire is not available.
    • Press & Throw application
    Shelf Life 3 years from manufacturing Date
    Spray Time to Empty Container 9 seconds on continuous discharge
    Design Advantages
    • Single Hand Operation
    • Can be thrown over long distance in open field
    • Can be thrown in to contaminate the room

    Other Information
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces